Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pre-comp. MAP

Food:  7a black coffee, post training progenex refuel, mid morning apple, lunch at EarthFare in Augusta was large mixed green salad with mixed veggies, sweet potatoes, and salmon, afternoon snack was a balance bar and several handfulls of sweet potato chips, mixed nuts and a banana for snack around 5pm, dinner ~7p was cobb salad with chicken, sweet potatoes, chicken wings, and mixed sauteed veggies.  

Training at 8am in the hotel "fitness" center:

10 min AMRAP at 85%
10 sit ups
15 Burpees
30 DU

7+ rounds

rest walk 2:00

10 min AMRAP
20 DU
10 lunges
10 DB push press easy (used 15#)

10+ rounds


100 DU UB- completed easily

Competition tomorrow!

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