Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reindeer Games Prep

Food:  8a coffee with coconut milk, post training progenex recovery, tangerine and apple for mid morning snack, lunch ~1p large mixed green salad with roasted root veggies, mixed veggies, balsamic vinegar, and roasted salmon, popcorn and sweet potato chips for snack on the drive to Augusta, dinner was mixed green and veggie salad, shrimp cocktail and chicken wings, zone bar for late night snack.

Training at 9am

Bear Complex work:

warm up clean and jerk portion at 95# and 105# then set the clock for 5 minutes:

Hit 115# with ease, then 120# pretty easily.  Didn't have time to try 125#.  So, I will have time for 2 attempts.  Depending on how the warm up goes, I plan to open with 115# if I don't get much warm up- and 120# if I do.


2 Rounds of:

200m row
2 rope climbs
10 thrusters @ 75#
10 KBS @ 62#
10 T2R
50 DU

Rest 5 minutes.

First round I went out too fast on the row and had a hard time recovering.  Finished in 4:40, then next round went slower on the row, did the rope climbs quickly, UB thrusters, and 2 sets of 5 KBS, UB T2R, and tripped once on the DU.  Finished in 3:28- Huge improvement.

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