Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reindeer Games Competition- Team

Reindeer Games 2012

1st WOD at 9:45am- "ANTLERS" 10 minute time cap

For time:
30 Muscle Ups
30 Deadlift   275/185
30 Squat Cleans   185/125

7:23- took us a bit longer than anticipated- the squat cleans really gassed the guys and the muscle ups became really hard.

I started with the HSPU and did 27 straight, then the last 3.  Then the guys switched up the squat cleans in sets of 5 and Becca and I switched up the DL's in sets of 5.  I was very relieved that the DL's felt good.

Any team member can do any task in any order.  Only one team member can work at a time. 

2nd WOD at 12:30pm "BEAR" 10 min time cap (5 minutes each)

One completed full set of:

-power or squat clean
-front squat
-push press or push jerk
-back squat
-push press or push jerk
Athletes must pause between each movement.  They must completely open hips after each movement.  Overheads must be locked out with feet in original stance.

2 team members have 5 minutes. to complete the heaviest Bear complex  possible (each).  Then the last 2 team members have 5 minutes.  All team members can assist with changing weight.  The combined total of all team mates BEAR will be the score.

Hit 115# and then 120#.  Felt good.

3rd WOD at 3:45pm  “6 POINT”  20 Min. Timecap

For time:
TASK 1: 500m row
TASK 2: 4 rope climbs
TASK 3: 25 thrusters 95/65
TASK 4: 25 KB 70/53
TASK 5: 25 toes through rings
TASK 6: 75 double unders

Team member A begins at Task 1. When Team member A advances to Task 2, Team Member B may begin Task 1. When Team Member A advances to Task 3, Team Member B may advance to Task 2, provided that they have completed Task 1. When Team Member B advances to Task 2, Team Member C may begin Task 1. ETC...

All tasks must be completed in order, by every team member. No task can be done at the same time by 2 different team members. Only 1 team member on a Task at a time. Wod ends when the last team member finishes the last task.


This was our shining moment- I'm not sure of my exact time- but I think it was sub 10:00.  I did the 500m row in about 2:15, the 4 rope climbs quickly, thrusters in two sets- 15, 10, the KBS in 10, 10, 5, T2R and DU UB.  Felt great!

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