Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday- more bear complex work and 30 HSPU for time

Food:  8a coffee with coconut milk, post training progenex recovery, lunch ~1p of chicken wings, collards, and small sweet potato, progenex more muscle shake ~4p, dinner of tilapia, mixed green salad, green beans, and parsnips, azic before bed.

Training at 10a

"Officially" an off day, but went in to the gym to work on split jerks and behind the neck jerks off the blocks- hardest part is lowering down onto my back.  Worked up to 115#- feel really comfortable there.  Hope to get 120# at the comp. next weekend.

Did 30 HSPU in 1:25 UB- did it last week in 1:20 by breaking at 20, then doing 2 more sets of 5.  We'll see how adrenaline affects this in the competition.

Also worked on 125# squat cleans- this is a fairly heavy weight for me to do repeatedly.

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