Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Incline BP max, AMRAP ring dips, and 10 RFT T2B and push ups

Food: 7 am coffee with coconut milk, mid morning HB egg, apple and mixed nuts, post am training progenex recovery, post pm training protein shake w/ refuel, snack ~4 HB egg, walnuts, and some veggie chips, dinner at 6p GF steak, sweet potato, green beans, and mixed green salad, AZIC before bed with the LAST piece of my delicious paleo birthday cake!!!!! :(

Training at 10:30am

A. Incline bench press; build to a max
B. Amrap ring dips in 5 minutes (begin the 5 min with 1 amrap unbroken
set and record score)

15 UB then sets of 3s and 5s for a total of 46
10 rounds for time:
10 toes to bar
10 hand release push ups

11:37- everything was hard, esp. pushups after AMRAP ring dips

Training at 2pm

WOD 3 from Reindeer Games- did together as a team in this order:

Rick, Sean, Becca, and myself.

500m Row
4 rope climbs
25 Thrusters (95#/ 65#)
25 KBS (2 pd/ 1.5pd)
25 T2R (toes through rings)
75 DU

20 minute time cap

Team time= 17:00
My time= 11:11

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