Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 18 of W30 and Rest Day

Sleep: 10p-6:45a- no pain with brace- also had a nap this afternoon with Stele and had no pain without a brace!! Even after all of those snatches!!!

Food: 7a coffee with coconut milk (my new fav- the kind in a can, not the watered down stuff in a carton), mid morning snack of shaved coconut, hb egg, small apple, lunch from GreenLife was mixed green salad with EVOO and balsamic dressing, mixed veggies, roast beef, and kale chips, several strawberries and a date mid afternoon, dinner ~7p of salmon cakes , small romaine salad with kalamata olives and red wine vinegar and EVOO dressing, sauteed fresh okra, steamed cauliflower, one fig, and sliced local yellow tomatoes, snack ~9p of another salmon cake and hb egg with a sliced pear covered with shaved coconut.

Felt MUCH better today than yesterday- certainly ready for a rest day.

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