Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 20 of W30- Row and KBS tester

Sleep:  10p-6:00a- didn't sleep very well at all last night- woke up around 4 because dogs were restless and had significant arm pain even with the brace- pretty sure it was from all of the ring dips yesterday... 

Food:  7a coffee with coconut milk, lunch at noon was large mixed green salad with leftover gf steak, avacado, balsamic vinegar, cashews, strawberries and a date.  Mid afternoon snack of cashew butter and coconut slivers with a hard boiled egg.  Dinner at Luellas was a cobb salad with egg, brisket, turkey, romaine lettuce, avacado, evoo and vinegar dressing.  Evening "dessert" of sliced pear with cashew butter and a little coconut milk.

Training at 5p

aerobic test:
5 rounds for time:
Row 1K
30 KBS - 1pd


Row splits:

1k time/ pace

1) 4:44/2:22

Goal was to stay under 2:25 pace- really challenging 

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