Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 21 of W30 - yep, I cheated and it wasn't worth it!

Sleep:  10p-6:45   TERRIBLE- dogs were up and down, had somewhat of a headache, had to pee, yikes...
Food:  Well, it happened today- after a really LONG day I decided a bowl of popcorn would be fine and that it wouldn't affect anything- well, not the case.  Eating today looked like this:
7a black coffee, 11a eggs and gf steak with mixed green salad, kalamata olives and balsamic dressing, lunch was horrible salad from Ingles (with oil and red vine vinegar as dressing), sliced rare roast beef, and a peach, dinner was oilless fish fajitas, bowl of popcorn ~7p, about 10 minutes after the popcorn I started noticing an increase in mucus production and my tummy became pretty unsettled, bloating, etc... ugh- well at least now I know, instead of "restarting", I am going to add 21 days to my whole 30 and turn it into a Whole 51- just to make the experiement complete- but his was a really good learning experience.   I am actually really glad this happened because I was becoming quite jaded thinking I wasn't seeing enough benefits- nice reality check!

No training today- Rest Day!

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