Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 30 of W30- some interesting discoveries

Sleep:  9:30p-7:00a- hand numb in early morning, UGH!

Food:  7a coffee with coconut milk, 11a brunch of eggs and left over bison patties, homemade plantain chips fried in coconut oil, mixed green salad with Zoe's dressing, a peach ~2p, post "hike" (walk to and through the bird sanctuary and back- with stele on my shoulders) left over eggs, bison, and plantains from brunch, dinner at 6p was raw zucchini "spaghetti" with gf ground beef meat sauce, small mixed green salad with local cherry tomatoes and Zoe's dressing, and dessert of peaches and strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar with shaved coconut, kale chips ~9

Well, it's day 30 of the W30- I "unofficially" made it, except for that small bowl of popcorn... anyway, I have learned a lot about how food affects my life and that I eat relatively well regardless of the W30.  That being said,  I discovered that I eat more carbs than I realized, and I need those carbs given my training volume.  I was eating them in the form of some grains (popcorn), fruit, and sugar.  That wasn't really providing me with the nutrients that other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, root veggies, and even regular potatoes do... good to know.  I also realized that I was not eating enough good fat (olive and coconut), and some rather toxic byproducts (nuts roasted in canola oil- nasty stuff).  I also discovered that black coffee is delicious and coffee with coconut milk (from the can, not the carton) is spectacular- much better than cream.  Sourcing whole foods and label reading became somewhat of a full time job- you wouldn't believe how many things contain sugar, and preservatives- I was shocked and I am relatively well versed in label reading.  Try to find deli meat that doesn't contain sugar or carrageenan.  I will continue to leave dairy out of my diet- the jury is still out on how I feel about whey protein- I am inclined to think it did contribute to recovery.

I need a break from label reading and scrutinizing every label- for someone like me, lightening up will be a nice break... I may even take a week or so off from writing down every bit of food I put in my mouth...

As for my wrist pain, there was some minor improvement but nothing substantial.  I would say I noticed the most improvement following a rest day- really says something about recovery.  I would encourage anyone to embark on this journey to discover what your body needs, and to see what food really means to you.  Is the food you are eating making you more healthy or more sick?  It's as simple as that, really.

Decided to rest today- will train hard tomorrow!

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